New Book: The Power of Knowledge - The Greater Intelligence Within You

Discover the reality of “Knowledge,” the deeper spiritual mind within you which holds the key to finding your greater purpose and direction in life.

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1:The Greater Power within You

    People everywhere are carrying a greater power within themselves, a power that they have not yet discovered. It is a deeper Intelligence that the Creator of all life has given to each person.

  • Chapter 2: The Power of Knowledge

    God has given every person a deeper Intelligence, an Intelligence that is not affected by the world, that is not a product of social conditioning, an Intelligence that is not influenced by the powerful social influence that exists within your family and culture.

  • Chapter 3: The Soul’s Journey on Earth

    You are traveling through time and space, engaged in a long journey of return to your Ancient Home. In this life and beyond, this journey continues. It is not a journey you make just for yourself. It is a journey you make for all those who have lost contact with the Creator of all life.

  • Chapter 4: Living in Separation

    You are living in a state of Separation—as a singular person, seemingly distinct from all other singular persons, distinct from other life forms, with a singular identity and awareness.

  • Chapter 5: The Crisis

    Behind all the pleasantries you see in the world, and the appearance of happiness and success, and the appearance of contentment, there is the crisis, the crisis within the person, within each person, within you.

  • Chapter 6: The Presence

    People are very busy, very stimulated, rushing about always, unable to be still, unable to listen within themselves, the mind restless, always searching, full of passion, full of fear, full of persuasions, full of denial.

  • Chapter 7: The Reconciliation

    You are living in Separation—separate from Creation itself, separate from your Source, separate even from your deeper nature—living in a different part of your mind, a mind that has been shaped and conditioned by your experience of the world.

  • Chapter 8: Who You Are Is Not Your Mind

    You are not your mind. You are not your intellect. Who you are is not your thoughts. You are not your beliefs. You are not your memories. You are not your conflicts. You are not those things that you identify with.

  • Chapter 9: Knowledge and the Limits of Belief

    You were born with two minds: an intellect that has been largely shaped by your culture, your family and your environment, and by your own judgments, assumptions and conclusions.

  • Chapter 10: The Greater Intelligence

    Certainly, people have a notion of intelligence. How clever or capable a person’s mind may be in certain situations, how well educated a person may be along certain lines of work or employment.

  • Chapter 11: The Bridge

    You were born with two minds: the deeper Mind that God has given you, the Mind you had before you came into the world, the Mind you will have once you leave the world

  • Chapter 12: Following the Presence

    There is a greater Mind within you, a greater Mind that the Creator of all life has placed within you to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to your greater accomplishments in life.

  • Chapter 13: The Spiritual Fire

    Within you, deep within you, beneath the surface of the mind, in a place you barely know, there is a Fire, a spiritual Fire. It is the source of your inspiration. It is the Fire of Knowledge, the deeper Mind within you.

  • Chapter 14: The Remembrance

    You carry within you the memory of your Ancient Home, deep beneath the surface of your mind, deep beneath the surface of that part of your mind that has been conditioned by the world and is fixated upon the world.

Meet the Author

Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers was selected and prepared before coming into this world to bring a New Revelation — the largest and most comprehensive revelation ever given — as a gift for people of all nations and faiths. He honors the enduring truth in all the great traditions, yet brings a new understanding and reality for the individual and the world as a whole.