Extraterrestrial aliens are on Earth today. Contact is not what you might hope for.

Extraterrestrial races from beyond our world have already prepared for us, but we are unprepared for them!

This is why a New Message for humanity has been given: to prepare us for contact with intelligent life in the universe and to protect us from intervening alien forces who would subjugate the human family and take our world as their own.

This is a Greater Darkness in the world, a greater darkness that most people are too afraid to even think about. But it is something that humanity must prepare for, and that is why there is a New Revelation.

Here's what you need to know about aliens on the planet:

  • Not Like the Movies

    Aliens will not engage in a brute force attack. Instead, they operate in the mental environment with manipulation and seduction to convince humanity that we need alien occupation.

  • Commercial Rather than Military

    The extraterrestrial aliens here today are commercial forces seeking biological resources. They look at humanity the way we look at domesticated animals, as a resource to be used.

  • Just say "No!"

    If enough people on Earth resist the Alien Intervention, then the alien intruders must retreat. The greatest defense for the protection of Earth and humanity is a spiritual defense.

Taking the Steps to Knowledge is your best defense from Aliens on Earth Today. Get your FREE copy of the BOOK Now (And Receive These Added Bonuses)

  • Inner Peace and Calm by Knowing that you are on the right path in your life, internally and externally.
  • Life Meaning and Purpose which is your birthright, and is living within you now and is waiting to be discovered by you.
  • Discernment and Discretion to navigate an increasingly confusing and difficult world as we face great changes from within and beyond our world.
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