Have a New Relationship with God

Join The Free School of the New Message and explore a new relationship with God.

  • God doesn’t need your worship. God doesn’t care if you believe in it, or not.
  • God doesn’t care what religion you adhere to, if any.

Marshall Vian Summers speaks on our important relationships with God, with ourselves, and with others within a new world reality.

Join the only school in the world teaching about a new relationship and experience of the Divine:

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  • God initiated all the world religions and they were all corrupted by man.

Explore a new relationship with God through the online Free School of the New Message. The Free School gives you:

  • A weekly study plan of revelations about how God really works in the world and through your life. Nothing to believe. No dogma. The study plan presents fundamental questions directly related to your past relationship with God:
    • What have I believed God to be?
    • How does a new relationship with God differ from what I've been taught or what is held to be true?
    • Do I have any pain from past religious associations of God?
    • Why do I need a new relationship with God?
  • A diverse global community of people who want to understand the past misunderstandings about God and explore a new relationship with God for a new world reality.
  • Weekly Saturday gatherings in an online chat room to discuss your insights and to learn from others.
  • A video library with teachings about a greater relationship and experience of God.
  • Weekly live meditation broadcast sessions.

Resources and materials all provided free of charge, reflecting the ethic of The Free School.

The Majors Areas of Study in The Free School

Three Annual Self-paced Sessions

God, Cosmology and Creation

In this profound four-month session of The Free School, we explore the greater reality of God and having a new relationship with the living Presence of the Divine. Here we start anew, beginning and approaching a new experience and understanding of God, cosmology and creation — pure, refreshing, uplifting, empowering — beyond human definition.


The Greater Community and The New World Reality

During this powerful four-month session of The Free School, we enter into exploring a new world reality and engage in preparation, both inner and outer, to navigate this radically changing world — a world of altered environmental, economic and social forces and a world emerging into the larger universe of intelligent life in which we have always lived.


Journey to a New Life and Spiritual Practice

In this session we come to the intimate experience of the Divine Presence within as we undertake a spiritual practice new to our world. We each hold a higher purpose in life and a greater destiny.  We practice uniting with the deeper spiritual intelligence within called Knowledge to engage more directly with the greater purpose, meaning and direction of our lives.


The Teachers of The Free School

What People Are Saying About The Free School

Thank you Marshall, Patricia and Reed and all who take part in putting together The Free School sessions. They are wonderful and continue to attract new students. It has been such a powerful way of engaging with the world, and it is a wonderful studenthood opportunity. I only need to set aside more time to engage more deeply to have it make a greater difference in my life.

Dariel - Colorado, USA

It’s my first time in The Free School, and I have learned how important and supportive The Free School is and will be for my studenthood, for my success in reclaiming Knowledge. The Free School surely has become very important for me in general, and this session has pushed me to start the Deep Evaluation of my life and continue doing it.

Amina - Russia

A major benefit of participating in The Free School for me is joining the Saturday Campfire Chat, which provides great inspiration, deep wisdom and honest sharing of experiences. It has greatly improved my ability to listen to my deeper experience, to be aware of my mind states and to constantly reorient myself towards the fulfillment of my purpose in life.

Levy - Brazil

The Free School is really like the mystery schools of long ago (Hermeticism, Theosophy) providing anyone, not just the select few, a place to uncover the deep spiritual mysteries that are hidden within every individual. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to develop my latent powers and sacred knowledge.

Mark - Canada

I have had questions about my life, "Who am I? Why am I here?" for a long time, but I did not know how to approach them. Now I feel I am on the right track even if it could be a long journey. How fortunate I am to find this Free School!

Jangsun - South Korea

I am so grateful for the tools given by Patricia about Deep Reading, which I use now to do a deep reading of my favorite book: Greater Community Spirituality... I must say, doing the deep reading exercise gives much more satisfaction, because it goes much deeper than only reading. This awareness is coming into my daily life more and more.

Shrimayi - Netherlands

How truly grateful I am to The Free School, Marshall Vian Summers and The Society for providing this environment free of charge to the entire world. I have seen first-hand how The Free School is helping me in my journey. This is my fourth month of actively participating in The Free School, and my life appears almost unrecognizable from when I started — my connection to Knowledge appears to be growing and I feel as if I have more courage and strength... I know that my success in life is not guaranteed, but if it were not for The Free School, I wouldn't have gotten this far — my gratitude has no words.

Samantha - South Africa

The Free School of The New Message

How to Register

Click on any "Register for The Free School" button, and follow the instructions provided.

Once you are registered, you will then be able to sign in to read, explore and study the teachings for the current Free School session and explore past sessions as well.

To access The Free School, click the "School" tab in the top menu of the site, and select "Current Session."

If you have any difficulty, please email help@newmessage.org.

Welcome! We look forward to your participation and engagement.


The Free School Saturday Campfire Chat

EVERY Saturday, 9:00 am, USA, Mountain Time. Campfire Chat: Join the teachers Marshall Vian Summers, Patricia Summers and Reed Summers and students from around the world every Saturday for a powerful, deep and focused discussion related to the current Free School session. Register for The Free School to participate. 

Tuesday World Meditation

EVERY Tuesday, 7:00 pm, USA, Mountain Time. Join people from around the world in the Sanctuary in Boulder, Colorado or from a distance through the LIVE Online Broadcast every Tuesday. During the Tuesday World Meditation we engage in practicing stillness meditation, a foundational practice taught in Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing. Steps to Knowledge is the central book of spiritual practice in The Free School.

Register for The Free School to join others in meditation during the Tuesday World Meditation LIVE Broadcast and to watch Reed Summers' introduction to the Tuesday World Meditation.

Important New Terms and Meanings

God is the Source and Creator of all life and of countless races in the universe. Here the greater reality of God is unveiled in the expanded context of all life in this world and all life in the universe. This greater context redefines the meaning of our understanding of God and of God’s Power and Presence in our lives. To understand what God is doing in our world, we must understand what God is doing in the entire universe. This is now being revealed for the first time through a New Message from God. In the New Message, God is not a personage or a singular awareness, but instead a pervasive force and reality that permeates all life, existing beyond the limited boundaries of all theology and religious understanding. God speaks to the deepest part of each person through the power of Knowledge that lives within them.

The Separation is the ongoing state and condition of being apart from God. The Separation began when part of Creation willed to have the freedom to be apart from God, to live in a state of Separation. As a result, God created our evolving world and the expanding universe as a place for the separated to live in countless forms and places. Before the Separation, all life was in a timeless state of pure union. It is to this original state of union with God that all those living in Separation are ultimately called to return—through service, contribution and the discovery of Knowledge. It is God’s mission in our world and throughout the universe to reclaim the separated through Knowledge, which is the part of each individual still connected to God.

Knowledge is the deeper spiritual mind and intelligence within each person, waiting to be discovered. Knowledge represents the eternal part of us that has never left God. The New Message speaks of Knowledge as the great hope for humanity, an inner power at the heart of each person that God’s New Message is here to reveal and to call forth. Knowledge exists beyond the intellect. It alone has the power to guide each of us to our higher purpose and destined relationships in life.

The Angelic Assembly is the great Angelic Presence that watches over the world. This is part of the hierarchy of service and relationship established by God to oversee the redemption and return of all separate life in the universe. Every world where sentient life exists is watched over by an Angelic Assembly. The Assembly overseeing our world has translated the Will of God for our time into human language and understanding, which is now revealed through the New Message from God. The term Angelic Assembly is synonymous with the terms Angelic Presence and Angelic Host.

The Presence can refer to either the presence of Knowledge within the individual, the Presence of the Angelic Assembly or ultimately the Presence of God. The Presence of these three realities offers a life-changing experience of grace and relationship that can be found by following the mystery in life and by studying and practicing either one of God’s past Revelations or God’s New Revelation for the world. The New Revelation offers a modern pathway to experiencing the power of this Presence in your life.

Steps to Knowledge is an ancient book of spiritual practice now being given by God to the world for the first time. In taking this mysterious journey, each person is led to the discovery of the power of Knowledge and the experience of profound inner knowing, which can lead them to their higher purpose and calling in life.

Begin Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing today.

The Greater Community is the larger universe of intelligent life in which our world has always existed. This Greater Community encompasses all worlds in the universe where sentient life exists, in all states of evolution and development. The New Message reveals that humanity is in an early and adolescent phase of its development and that the time has now come for humanity to prepare to emerge into the Greater Community. It is here, standing at the threshold of space, that humanity discovers that it is not alone in the universe, or even within its own world.