Begin to Explore the New Message from God...

  • Spirituality at the Level of Knowledge

    God has provided an easy to follow spiritual preparation that clarifies, renews and strengthens existing religions. The meditation guide book Steps to Knowledge connects you to your deeper purpose in life.
    Begin your spiritual meditation practice.

  • The Great Waves of Change

    God has provided a warning about the Great Waves of Change that are sweeping the globe which will affect you, and every person on Earth. Learn how to protect yourself, your family and how to become a contributor rather than a victim.
    Prepare for World Changes.

  • The Greater Community of Life in the Universe

    For the first time on this planet, God has provided a revelation about Life in the Universe. Humanity has always lived in a vast ocean of life, The Greater Community of worlds inhabited by billions of races, but now our isolation is coming to an end.
    Learn about Life as it really exists beyond Earth.

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