ET UFO Disclosure: Understanding Contact

Marshall and Reed Summers offer revealing, arguably unique, insight into the nature of the extraterrestrial contact that is underway in the world today.
  • An extraterrestrial intervention is occurring in the world.
  • Humanity must awaken to the reality and the risks of alien contact.
  • People are being taken against their will.
  • Human freedom and sovereignty are under threat.
  • Intervening alien forces seek to subjugate the human family.
  • No true ally of humanity would intervene in our world.
  • The agenda is being carried out through hidden infiltration, deception and persuasion.

More on ALIEN CONTACT: Understand the reality of Contact - who is visiting our world and what they want.

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The Allies of Humanity Briefings, Book 1, prepares people for a whole new reality that is largely hidden and unrecognized in the world today. It provides a new perspective that empowers people to face the greatest challenge and opportunity that we, as a race, have ever encountered. The Allies Briefings contain a number of critical if not alarming statements about the growing extraterrestrial intervention and integration into the human race and about the extraterrestrial alien activities and their hidden agenda.

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If you've read these authors, then you've heard about the alien threat:

  • David Jacobs Ph.D., author of "Walking Among Us"

    David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of History at Temple University. Having conducted nearly 1,150 hypnotic regressions with over 140 alien abductees, Dr. Jacobs has uncovered, in great detail, the alien interbreeding program designed to create a new race of humans loyal to the alien intervention.

  • Karla Turner Ph.D., author of "Taken"

    Karla Turner, Pd.D. authored three books on the alien abduction phenomenon, Into the Fringe (1992), Taken (1994), and, with psychic Ted Rice, Masquerade of Angels (1994). She was convinced that aliens were here not to help us, but to steal from us the sovereignty of our souls.

  • John Mack, M.D., author of "Passport to the Cosmos"

    Former professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Pulitzer Prize-winning author John E. Mack M.D. conclusively proved that aliens exist through an exhaustive study of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

An [Alien] Intervention is what is happening. It is a reality of life. If you can face it, then love will become stronger. If you deny it, then fear will become stronger. God can only speak to that part of you that is capable of real love. The Intervention can only speak to that part of you that is already afraid...

Your work here now is to preserve human freedom and to establish yourselves in the universe as a free and independent race. If you fail, then all that humanity has accomplished will be lost. All of the teaching, all of the true spiritual understanding, all of the art, all of the culture, all of your advancements can be lost. Impossible, you say? Well, think of all the human civilizations that have disappeared from your world. All that they established is lost, leaving only a few traces.

- from "Love and Fear"

The Allies of Humanity reveal the Spiritual Solution to Alien intervention.

Meet the Author - Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers has brought many teachings to the world, including the award-winning books: Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing and Wisdom from The Greater Community, Volume II.

His message presents a new vision of humanity's future in a larger Universe of intelligent life and an urgent call to prepare individually and collectively for the Great Waves of Change; a converging set of challenges which include economic hardship and instability, catastrophic climate change, resource depletion and escalating conflict around the world.

He reveals a spiritual preparation which focuses on the deeper intelligence within each person called Knowledge, which each of us will need in order to navigate the difficult and uncertain times to come.

Marshall has received 4 books of briefings from the Allies of Humanity.

What readers are saying about Book 1 from The Allies of Humanity:

An absolute mind blowing work, as well as all the other books by this man, this receiver of URGENT, SHOCKINGLY VITAL INFORMATION.

We have been in the clutches of an alien presence for many horrible decades, as these visitors are in the process of cross breeding with humans, and using their supreme Mental abilities have been their non violent, non militaristic method of influencing our minds, even to the point of creating a Pacification Program that keeps us all kind of numb and dumb. They want our resources, our extremely lush planet, rich with biological resources as well as Earths bounty of minerals and riches. The plan has been to infiltrate, by cross breeding, into the leadership range of society thereby creating humans that are linked to them. This is where the shadow government has come from the 13 evil families that control the world, and the illuminati.

All we have to do to get rid of them is to become aware and to discover the KNOWLEDGE that is within all os us, the spiritual knowledge that the visitors lack. They have no souls, and are just minions of even more powerful alien leaders...Earth and our solar system is a very popular area for trade routes , commerce and the movement of countless other races and nations of ETs. Our best bet is to stop sending our useless stupid radio signals out into space to try and make contact. Once we do and did, we only incur the curiosity of other ET races who may finally discover us as a trophy planet to takeover.

Life in the Universe, the first book I read by Marshall, describes via revelations to him, a universe that is nearly like the ones in the film series Star Wars, with millions of different life forms, space vehicles and ongoing trade and commerce. There are a few huge Empires, and yet still many well hidden planets that are very smart to stay unknown, un discovered, especially if they are self sufficient and rich in resources.

This whole shebang of Marshalls work is URGENT...we still have some time before the Visitors take us over and implement the Agenda 21 plan that our world leaders have put into action....the decimation of 6.5 humans and the corralling of the rest into slaves that would work for the elite One World Order.

Robert Lee Morris

Houston, we have a problem.

And by "we," Marshall Vian Summers means "the crew of Spaceship Earth." In this volume, Summers introduces humanity to a small group of individuals from multiple worlds, reporting their observations of events on and around our world. They are constrained from intervening, much like the character "The Watcher" in the Marvel Universe, but they are allowed to give a report.

What is the problem? Intervention in human affairs by multiple "collectives," multi-species, multi-planetary corporations which make McDonalds and Starbucks look like mom-and-pop grocery stores by comparison. The battle Jihad vs. McWorld is not only taking place in our world, but in space as well.

What is the goal of this Intervention? Access to/control of Earth's precious biological and mineral resources. As I read this book, I recalled the books Rare Earth: Why Complex Life Is Uncommon in the Universe and The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery. It should be noted that the collectives consider human beings to be just another biological resource, in the same way we think of domesticated animals.

How will the collectives achieve their goal? By manipulation of religious impulses, sowing the mental seeds of acquiescence, conformity, learned helplessness, waging a PR campaign that humanity is doomed without their help, engaging in an interbreeding program to more easily negotiate our environment.

What can humanity do about this Intervention? Unite as a race, reverse environmental degredation, stop broadcasting everything about itself into outer space, develop greater resistance to persuasion and manipulation, take the Steps to Knowledge.

There are many more questions which could be asked, and they are asked and answered in a chapter near the end of the book.

Douglas Bass

 Truly a life transforming read.

The Allies of Humanity books by Marshall Vian Summers are truly a life transforming read. While the content takes a while to come to terms with they are thought provoking and life transforming! I would suggest these books to anyone who is interested in extraterrestrial life, UFO's and in the evolution of the human race.


Unfortunately, it's probably true.

I was greatly disturbed by this book - mostly because in my inner core I feel that it is true. It makes entire sense - there are no contradictions between what is said in this book and my inner beliefs. It does not ask us to do anything contrary to our nature or bad for us. Indeed, it harkens us to be even more diligent on our spiritual paths. Actually, what is asked of each of us is relatively simple - be aware, use discernment, and don't trust strangers and their promises. The difficult part is to get most of humanity to cast aside their illusions and do this.

The Allies of Humanity only ask us to actually learn from our mistakes - we routinely say that history repeats itself, yet in the Western world we cannot fathom that we will be the natives that are conquered. I do believe, however, that our own media is preparing us - Independence Day, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, They Live, the X-Files: Films and shows that are introducing us to the idea of extraterrestrials, showing that some would like to take what we have, and issuing a rallying cry for all the peoples of the world to unite and stand firm against the invaders, even it it seems like we are against the odds. This has certainly been a cornerstone of the human spirit, especially American spirit, and I only pray that enough people become aware of the truth and use their inner wisdom to distinguish foes from friends.

Kris B

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Read "The Greater Community"

Read the free book that reveals the spiritual solution to the threat of Alien intervention: The Greater Community: Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe. God is now alerting and preparing humanity for our destiny within the Greater Community of life. It is only through Divine revelation that we could come to understand these things and to learn about the reality and spirituality of life in the universe.

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