Life, Death and Beyond

Have you ever wondered about life after death?

Many people, of course, wonder and marvel, and even anticipate what kind of realities they will face after they leave this world. In fact, the emphasis on this is the foundation for the world’s religions. For somehow, it seems too incredible and too unreal to think that this life, with all of your intelligence and capabilities, would cease when your body ceases to function.

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What is death anyway?

Death is both the beginning and the end. But it is only a stage of your great existence and your great service to life. Think of these things. Contemplate them. But realize that your intellect cannot fully understand this, for the intellect cannot really understand the spirit. It can only serve the spirit and that is its great purpose and its great duty. But do know that your life is greater than this one existence, and that who you are is beyond the mind and the intellect and the body. And you open a door, then, to a greater experience and a greater certainty and a greater power that are yours to receive and to contribute to the world around you .

Why are people afraid to die?

Life after death

The source of all fear is the belief that you are temporary, that death awaits you and that everything you value and everything that is meaningful to you can be taken away at any moment. With this belief, you are extremely vulnerable. Your happiness then can be ended in the next moment. Terrible things may happen. With so many fears and so many threats to your well-being, real and imagined, how can you be happy with all these conditions, trying to save a little piece of life for yourself alone while time is eroding everything away?

Why would God punish you when you were placed in a world where making mistakes was so easy and the chance of becoming wise was so slim? God understands that without Knowledge to guide you, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within you and created within you, all you could do it are commit errors. So would God punish you if you failed to recognize and experience this guiding presence and power in your life? That would be like punishing a child for being a child. Or punishing a fool for being a fool. Without Knowledge to guide you, this deeper intelligence that God has created, well, all you could do is make mistakes. So this idea of good behavior/bad behavior, well, if you really did terrible things in life, well, you would be sent into another kind of existence to try to make amends for that.

The New Message on Heaven and Hell

What is Death?
Why do some seek death as an escape?

If life disappoints you, if there is a loss of love or a privilege, a loss of admiration from other people, this could be shattering to your mind. There are people who commit suicide when their ideas about themselves are seriously challenged or thrown into doubt. So, likely you will face moments, either moments of some kind of prescience or moments of grave disappointment when you really cannot continue to reinforce your ideas about yourself and stay distracted with your beliefs and your hobbies, your pursuits and your pleasures, for life has thrown a wrench in the works. Life has disrupted your dream. Life has disrupted your self obsession. And now you have to face something else within yourself.

What happens after death?

If a person has taken their life, forgive them for their actions. Learn from their life. If given similar circumstances and influences, you might have ended up doing the same thing. Their life is a teaching and a warning to you. Learn from this. Be grateful for what you have learned. Forgive them for departing in this manner. Bless them in their new undertaking, and ask that their life may be a service to you so that you may serve others as well.

Will I go to hell?

Do people die at the right moment?

People seem to think that they die at some kind of perfect time, like they are finished with life, but that is not true at all. Anything can happen to you at any moment. That is why you must pay attention and be present to what you are doing.”[13] (k People think: “oh, well, this person was ready to pass on.” That is ridiculous. Very few people are ready to pass on. Older people, yes. People who have had long illnesses, yes. People who’s lives have become so miserable that they’re not worth living, yes. But most people die, when they die, are not ready to die. They just die. Either life overtakes them, or their body wears out, or they make some foolish mistake, and that is it.

Have you ever been close to death but miraculously were saved? Do you believe assistance from beyond is possible?

You have an invisible family
Now that you have come into the world, there is great assistance available to you. There is tremendous assistance, my God! It has taken a great deal of planning to get you this far. You have come from your Spiritual Family. Thus, you are a representative of your Family while you are in the world.
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Do you feel there is deeper meaning and purpose to life and that you have a mission to accomplish while you are here?

…. be happy that you have a higher purpose in life, for this means that your life is meaningful and not chaotic. It means that you have an origin and a destiny beyond this world. It means that life is eternal even as it passes through this temporary phase of worldly existence.

afraid of death

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Are you ready to find your purpose and undertake your mission?

Why am I afraid of death?

Steps to Knowledge is for people who are ready to undertake their greater work in life and who realize that they are here to make a contribution to the world at this critical turning point in our history. This book is here to serve them.

Steps to Knowledge takes you on the journey of discovering Knowledge, the mysterious source of your inner power and authority, given to you by God to guide and to protect you. Following this Knowledge leads you to the essential relationships that you will need to find and to fulfill your higher purpose in life.

“Knowledge represents your True Self, your True Mind and your True Relationships in the universe. It also possesses your greater calling in the world and a perfect utilization of your nature, all of your inherent abilities and skills, even your limitations, all to be given for good in the world.” (Step 2)

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